The Power Of Flexible Thinking + How To Put It Into Practice


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The Flex [a way of thinking I live by] is predicated on the idea of psychological flexibility, outlined as “the flexibility to remain involved with the current second no matter disagreeable ideas, emotions, and bodily sensations, whereas selecting one’s behaviors based mostly on the state of affairs and private values.” I first heard about psychological flexibility from the work of medical psychologist Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D., the codeveloper of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a extremely efficient psychotherapy for anxiousness and melancholy.

Hayes’s teachings have us bend with our unfavorable feelings, not deny them. I beloved this concept of bending ideas like not ok, individuals hate me, or I’m a fats, ugly loser, reasonably than forcing myself to push by them with “grit.”

I used to be getting drained (and sick) from attempting to be gritty on a regular basis. I pressured myself to bounce again once I was nonetheless strolling wounded. Resilience coaching provides me horrible flashbacks as well camp lessons, being utterly out of breath, hair frizzing, face beet crimson, muscular tissues burning, and the trainer screaming, “Hold operating!” You might be so cautious of being the one one within the class eager to cease and crawl, that regardless of feeling such as you’re about to break down, you keep on.

Urgh, my worst.

Pre-Flex, my complete life was like boot camp; my mind screamed, Ignore the ache! Don’t hand over! And I didn’t. However ignoring pain does not make it go away. It solely makes it worse. I’ll repeat that for my stiff upper-lip readers: Ignoring ache doesn’t make it go away. It makes it worse.

We want a brand new technique and an exit from boot camp life. The mentality of pushing ourselves to the breaking level as a result of “that’s simply the way it’s completed,” is making us chronically sick and depressing. There’s a greater various: residing life flexibly!

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